We make sure that your systems are functional, safe, and secure

Businesses run on software, and it is essential that your business doesn’t get left behind. Professionally testing your applications through automation tools will improve your organization’s productivity and provide a positive impact.


Financial institutions manage very sensitive data that needs to be protected by software capable of operating appropriately. With an increase of digital services, financial institutions are offering novel and competitive solutions. Testing is even more necessary in order to efficiently provide a pleasant user experience and support through agile development and virtual transactions. 


At Software Testing Bureau, we have more than 15 years of experience delivering value to our banking clients’ digital transformation projects, which translates to bringing in and retaining satisfied clients. We carry out performance tests, functional tests, and security tests. We improve your IT team’s productivity and facilitate agile processes and manufacturing. Our goal is to add value from the first day forward.

Finances and Insurance

Increased Internet access, financial inclusion, and diverse money administration services has allowed the financial industry to provide the best solutions to people at any moment.

At Software Testing Bureau, we put platforms and applications to the test to make sure they narrow the gap between financial and insurance institutions and their clients. We deliver solutions that promote innovative methods of payment and alternatives.

This sector can experience a number of development vulnerabilities, and we serve as a partner using our functional test automation processes.


Usability studies have demonstrated that you have just 10 seconds to keep your client’s attention on your website, which is an instant of time where everything has to work well. Your client needs your website to be captivating, agile, responsive, and secure. Software that supports a business’s virtual sales channels is the difference between making money or not; because of this, risk is not an option in e-Commerce.

We make sure that your platform is efficient, does not lag in high-demand times, offers a consistent user experience, and communicates security and reliability to the user so they complete their paid transaction


We deliver integral and flexible solutions to improve the management and quality of healthcare organizations. We make sure personal data is protected, and we test each operation’s agility and performance to ensure they are processed on time and in good form. 

For healthcare companies, we provide RPA and test automation, ensuring risk mitigation and mitigating other errors in aspects as precious as the information and timeliness of their processes.


Governmental organizations count on platforms that are safe, friendly, simple, adequately configured, and give support to their citizens. These are key factors to achieve their committed strategies. 

At Software Testing Bureau, we specialize in delivering efficient resources to allow for better time management, which results in an increase in the range and capacity of work. Our automation tools produce the quality and strength that electronic government platforms demand. We work with Open Source solutions, which we have transformed into intuitive and scalable tools.

Information Technology and Communication

The technology sector is facing a series of challenges that require each business to specialize in what we know best. We partner with other technology businesses using our testing expertise, so that each business can have securely developed and tested solutions. 

With STELA, our automated testing platform, we can reduce your time to market and therefore facilitate your digital transformation: reducing risks, time, and budget. We are the best partners in facilitating agile development, accelerating your development cycle, and promoting innovation. We support the work of whomever can create, program, and support businesses in any market or sector.