Testing multiple devices with STELA to get more time and money

AFAP SURA is part of the SURA Colombia Group, which is dedicated to pension fund management. When AFAP Sura launched their new website using responsive web design, they needed to ensure that it functioned appropriately and appeared correctly on various internet browsers and mobile devices..

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Software Testing Bureau developed the website navigation automation with STELA, and automatically executed the navigation using different versions of internet browsers and mobile devices, both physical and emulated, using Android and iOS. For each test, STELA operated the website while it captured screenshots. At the end of each test, STELA showed the team all of the results generated by the specific images from each test case, put into a practical video. These results allowed the SURA team to revise their website information to be simpler, so they could detect unadjusted appearances and functions. 

In this project with STELA, SURA was able to save considerable time from each test by avoiding manual execution. At the same time, it allowed them to reuse the generated automations and execute them in all the platforms with minimum adjustment, quickly detecting which combinations of browsers, devices, or screen size was not compatible. STELA allowed them to repeat the tests in various cycles, without the need to invest in more resources or time.

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