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Scotiabank Uruguay began a technology change control process that included important changes in the infrastructure and architecture that supports their operations. They partnered with Software Testing Bureau to develop RPA, or robotic process automations, in order to validate that the new infrastructure and architecture correctly supported the bank’s real-time operations. .

Highly secured
Prevents errors without
depending on coding
or software development knowledge

In as little as two months on the job, more than 150 of the Bank’s operations were automated using STELA to validate the new infrastructure and architecture’s operational security, which decreased the project risks and the need for manual tests. 

This project served as a starting point for implementing automated regression tests and automated performance tests. These tests took advantage of data already generated by STB, and Scotiabank simply needed to add personalization and validations. STELA’s ROI grew, and allowed the team to develop other agile applications that required reliability, efficiency, and increased quality for their clients.

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