70% of time saved in regression tests

With the growing demand of financial services driven by inclusive initiatives and digital transformation processes, Banco República didn’t have sufficient resources to manually test their information systems. STB was able to automate their functional tests, which allowed them to maximize their response capacity and utilize their test cases more efficiently, which helped them exponentially optimize their resources. They saved about 70% of time previously spent on manual testing, and their regression testing is now more consistent and reliable. They also chose to carry out performance testing of their critical systems. With STB’s help, they were able to minimize the risks associated with implementing new projects in their production environment, which could have brought many image issues or challenges.

70% of time
Immediate resolution
of the problem
Zero margin
of error

Mercedes Tarabal, Business Transformations Manager [Gerente de Transformación Operativa] at BROU, has helped bring this project to fruition. The bank’s critical application tests are automated, and for each one, a set of tests are maintained to validate the most critical business functionalities, both at the transaction and the data level, which show the complete business cycle: all without needing any user intervention.

“The developer saves valuable time from doing these manual tests, avoiding system errors”, says Mercedes Tarabal.

The bank has adapted to working in this new way, which allows STELA to program and execute diverse regression tests around distinct scenarios without needed a physical presence; only needing the data to be supplied. The automated regression tests are 100% repeatable and execute each time that something is moved to the production environment. Seeing information before it is pushed to the Core Banking production environment allows the users to focus on other areas of automation. This aligns with Banco República’s goals of working for continuous improvement of systems quality in pursuit of customer service excellence.

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