Significant time savings, more trust, and higher quality with automated security tests

Due to the global increase of cyberspace threats, ANCAP put special focus in guaranteeing the quality and security of their technology developments.

Time savings
Client trust
Zero marging
of error

They embraced security as an indispensable attribute in all of their projects, carrying out the necessary testing to find and prevent possible vulnerabilities from the earlier steps of planning and development in their systems, and they incorporated them into their solution acquisition cycles.

Like many companies, ANCAP has increased the amount of services exposed through the Internet, which leads to a greater attack surface that must be continually protected in order to provide reliable solutions to their customers, users, and suppliers. 

The most efficient way ANCAP found to achieve its requirements has been through testing automation from the Software Testing Bureau. They have seen important productivity benefits, saving significant time in identifying vulnerabilities in order to achieve their goal of complete system security. 

“Software Testing Bureau’s professionalism has stood out, providing us with a vulnerability analysis and versatility in handling new technologies”. – Laura Heredia, IT Security, Information Technology Management Department

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