Software Testing Bureau assures your software products and systems are well-evaluated and verified before they are launched. Let us see how the Software Testing Bureau accomplishes it, in the words of Guillermo Talento – the CEO and Founder of the Software Testing Bureau.

Software Testing Bureau tests software and systems that empower your business. It is a software testing company that performs tests on different software products to validate if they are functional, safe, and reliable. 


The company was established in 1999 in Uruguay and had its other offices in Colombia and business partners in Argentina, Chile, México, Panamá y El Salvador. It uses powerful and user-friendly tools that simplify process automation and the adoption of DevOps methodologies. 


In an interview with GoodFirms, Guillermo Talento – the CEO and Founder of Software Testing Bureau shares how the company was established and his role to make it stand firm in the market.

As Mr. Guillermo shared, Software Testing Bureau has been performing software tests all through Latin America for the past 20 years. Their services minimize cultural, linguistic, and physical barriers. Software Testing Bureau has an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Management Systems and are ISTQB Silver Partner. 

Over 50 highly qualified professionals in the company have worked for more than 350 successful projects to maximize results and productivity of your business with reducing risks and improving the quality of service. As he said, he is the CEO of the company and his role is to define and implement the company’s vision and supervise day-to-day operations in the company. 


Mr. Guillermo has worked in the software testing business for years and witnessed that the companies are still facing problems to create software that provides good value to their customers. The company has created STELA – a software testing automation platform that is useful to help companies improve the time to market of their software products and deliver outstanding software for their clients.


As he said, “Our mission is to build awareness of the importance of testing and provide services that will allow companies to outsource this specialized activity to improve the speed and results of their software projects.”


Mr. Guillermo asserts that Software Testing Bureau can accommodate both business models i.e. in-house and third-party vendors/outsourcing. However, the company usually prefers the third-party model that allows the company to employ their processes and expertise to the fullest and this ultimately brings more value to their customers.


STELA – a zero-code software automation platform developed by the company allows non-technical people to create, maintain, and execute automated software tests.


While asking about the industries the company caters to, Mr. Guillermo said that Software Testing Bureau basically serves clients from the financial, banking, and IT industry. Up to 70% of the clients are recurring clients who look for services for automated and traditional functional testing. Companies looking for more sophisticated services like performance testing and security testing are also served well by the company. This is the reason why it is ranked as the top software testing company in Uruguay in GoodFirms listings.


Regarding customer satisfaction rate, Mr. Guillermo proudly shares that approximately 80% of the customers rate the company as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’. Monthly reviews received from the customers are the perfect example of the recognition received by the company. A review displayed below can be seen how reliable the Software Testing Bureau has been with its clients. 



Software Testing Bureau provides ultimate customer support facilities to its clients. A designated project manager is always there in each project with fluid business operations to embrace change and become flexible. 


Most of the clients in the company are billed on time and material basis, but other models of payment are negotiated when it suits other development projects. Mr. Guillermo confirms that the company usually requires a six month to one year engagement for a client project to be able to learn its specifics and deliver values. Current projects in the company range from $25 to $50 per hour depending upon the people involved, type of services associated, and the project’s complexity. 


Mr. Guillermo concludes the interview by saying, “We envision ourselves to be one of the leaders in the software testing industry, augmenting our presence in US and Europe already consolidated in LATAM.”


The detailed interview can be read at GoodFirms company page.


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