Performing tests on software for validating its functionality, safety, and reliability endows Software Testing Bureau as one of the leading software testing agencies in Uruguay at GoodFirms.

Overview of the Company:

Incorporated in 1999 and based in Montevideo, Uruguay, Software Testing Bureau is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified management systems and ISTQB Silver Partner. With more than 20 years of testing software experience throughout Latin America, the company has delivered more than 350 successful projects to maximize results, lessen risks, and enhance people’s productivity and the clients’ service.

Every business that invests in software awaits to get a good return from their investment. The STB experts ensure that the value of clients’ investment in software meets or surpasses their business expectations. Software Testing Bureau performs tests on software to authenticate that it is functional, safe, and reliable. Based on a comprehensive procedure, employing best practices, technology, and guided by a specialized team of consultants with extensive experience, STB’s professionals achieve the best return on clients’ investments in technology.

Software testing is necessary to lessen time-to-market and expedite digital transformation, decreasing risks, times, and budgets. The Software Testing Bureau’s team combines their experience and commitment with their flexibility to work off-site from its premises or fully on-site, with independence and certified processes. The expert testers’ team takes care of making tests become a strategic responsibility for empowering each business. For this reason, they offer evidence that facilitates the attainment of notable and conclusive results so that companies of any field, both large and small, make a difference.

GoodFirms’ Research Process:

GoodFirms, an online evaluation and review portal, conducts research & surveys on industrial trends & technologies to help clients make an informed decision. Its extensive research process is based on three principal perspectives viz Quality, Ability, and Reliability.

GoodFirms has done a thorough analysis and evaluation of all the listed companies and also judged the Software Testing bureau. The researchers found that STB leads amongst the leading service providers in software testing, security testing, and functional testing categories in Uruguay, Mexico, and Colombia, respectively, at GoodFirms.

Further, the researchers also concluded that the Software Testing Bureau is one of the top application security companies at GoodFirms.

The below-mentioned report from the evaluation illustrates STB’s working principles and its booming services.

Providing Safe, Reliable, and Bug-Free Results:

When taking risks is not an alternative, automated software testing is necessary to give clients’ project the security it needs. Professional testers take care of software tests’ automation to minimize human error and inconsistency, increasing clients’ mind peace.

Software Testing Bureau is a clients’ ally for their software to provide beautiful and sophisticated user experience, converting visitors into regular users. The automated software tests are ideal for disruptive companies and critical businesses, for settings subject to various regulatory changes and where high availability is important.

At the Software Testing Bureau, the proficient team takes care independently of clients’ software tests. They offer clients the peace of mind and security that their project deserves.

The group caters its services to different verticals like Banking, Health, Insurance & Finance, ecommerce, government, and IT. Thus, focusing on testing applications to boost the results of companies of any size and sector endows Software Testing Bureau as one of the top software testing companies in Uruguay at GoodFirms.

Carrying Out Deep, Complete, and Effective Tests:

The security tests allow the organization to detect the risks to which clients’ business is exposed to digital assets. With their skills and expertise, the professional testers’ team diminishes chances that turn into serious vulnerabilities that allow attackers to seize confidential data, carry out deceitful transactions, or take control of the business’s operational infrastructure.

The best security testing engineers involve themselves in the community of security testing by staying abreast of the latest threats and how to avoid them. The organization makes sure that a highly specialized team of developers or testers performs its assignments with proper training. Thus, outfitted with such highly trained and qualified testers’, Software Testing Bureau gets dubbed as one of the top application security testing companies at GoodFirms.

Validating Systems’ Efficiency with Functional Testing:

At Software Testing Bureau, the professional testers’ team carries out functional tests that produce quick and positive results impacting the businesses’ finances, regardless of the size or sector of activity to which they belong. The group strategically performs tests from the earliest stages of projects to give advantages obtained from it, enabling the clients to stay ahead of the competition since they add value in each development instance.

Ergo, the team designs simple tests to execute and improve clients’ business operational capacity to satisfy their users. With an agile approach, complemented by a simple to perform service, conducted by consultants specialized in functional tests, the Software Testing Bureau focuses on clients’ business objectives that translate software tests into real benefits for clients’ business.

Thus, with results-focused project management, Software Testing Bureau taps into the list of top software testing service providers in Colombia at GoodFirms.

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