Software testing automation is a powerful strategy that has significant business benefits, in this article we explore the ones with the greatest impact.

Automated testing aims to detect software failures by preventing one person from having to run the tests manually. In this case, the testing expert generates a case to be tested using a tool so that it is then performed automatically. It does not require the intervention of the individual in each new execution. The test simulates human interaction with the software.

Automation generates important benefits in the development and release of corporate or consumer-oriented software. Below, we highlight the most relevant ones:

Test execution capability

It is possible to perform a large number of tests in a short period of time. They can be run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when the test team is not in the office. They can be executed in parallel and on different servers, further increasing their capacity.

Continuous Integration and DevOps

Devops is an important trend in modern software construction. It aims to streamline the process of software release, seeking to respond quickly to business requirements. In this scenario, it is vital that the tests are automated, in order to accelerate the entire delivery process. 

This allows to implement an automated early warning system, to stop the process of delivery into production if something is not working properly. Automated tests allow the detection of regression, integration and functional failures, among others. In this way it is possible to ensure that the software complies with established quality standards by delivering reliable versions.

Saves time and resources

Automated tests increase the capacity of the testing teams or QA units in the organizations. They substantially minimize the execution of manual tests, the latter being required only in special scenarios. In this way the staff can perform other types of tasks, while the automation takes care of performing the relevant and repetitive tests.

Besides, it allows to execute more tests, without the need to increase the number of people dedicated to testing. This makes the team much more efficient and productive, making the execution of software testing cost-effective.

Repeatable tests

The work involved in developing an automated test is repaid by the large number of times it will be executed. In cases where the test requires little maintenance, because the software is stable, the benefit is practicality, since the test is performed effortlessly. For regression testing, automated tests can be run over and over again as the software evolves, ensuring consistency and that everything that worked in the previous version will continue to work in the next one.

One tool for all platforms

Using STELA, our automated test platform, automation can be managed for mobile, web, GUI and legacy systems. This is a huge advantage since, by having a single tool, the learning curve is accelerated and experience and results are quickly gained. This facilitates the induction of new members to the testing team and avoiding the difficulty of having to learn and run tests on different applications.

Greater precision

Automated tests facilitate the accuracy of the diagnosis of the detected failure. They provide the evidence in a series of reports, as well as in a video that allows an in-depth analysis of the situation. In addition, by using different sets of data in the same test case, it is possible to be very accurate in diagnosing problem situations. Automated testing also allows for greater code and case coverage, thus achieving very thorough and accurate testing of functionality, and more tested conditions.

All these benefits provide significant savings for companies that incorporate automation as one of the pillars of their testing strategy. Either because they boost the productivity of their testing team by increasing testing capacity in less time, or because they can release software quickly and with fewer failures.

Automated testing is an excellent way to make viable the production of functioning software that responds with a cost and time efficient testing strategy.

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