Uruguay is a regional leader in software exports. The Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technology (CUTI) has supported the internationalization of Uruguayan software and today has more than 350 members who export to more than 52 countries.

Our CEO Guillermo Talento has experience in several countries in the region and has even participated in visits outside of Latin America including the recent trade mission of CUTI to the United Kingdom.

“Foreign markets always demand quality since Uruguayan software is generally part of a larger solution. So what happens if there are bugs in this software? Failures in a component can carry significant costs to whoever hires us and result in fines and loss of customers for us.”

“In addition,” Guillermo adds, “if you get hired through a platform that enables your job ratings, the cost of a bad rating greatly exceeds that of several good ratings. In this case, what happens is exactly the same as what happens when bad news become viral in a social networks, it has a heavy weight, even more than achievements and good results.”

But the issue does not end there: “the cost of international claims, are huge on a Uruguayan scale. Any failure that forces the execution of an insurance, will cause the breakdown of that company in Uruguay, since no one will insure it for another contract.”

“We have to look at the positive,” Guillermo concludes, “we have excellent testers, tools to automate testing and people who know how to use them right here in Uruguay. We provide the software exporter with the peace of mind of overseeing the testing and in turn the exporter gets a good standing in front of their client, demonstrating a commitment to the quality of their work, because they can also show a Software Testing Bureau certificate to their client, validating the quality of the product delivered, which in our experience is something highly sought-after.”

Are you interested in learning more about software testing? If so, feel free to contact us, and will be glad to explain how we can help you improve the speed of delivery and the quality of your software.

Software Testing Bureau is a company specializing in software testing and our goal is that all software released is functional, secure and reliable. We have more than ten years of experience performing software tests for clients throughout Latin America.